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Formation PRF Riyadh - Arabie Saoudite

600 €

Date : 3 & 4 Janvier 2020

LieuMövenpick Hotel Riyadh
King Fahad Branch Rd,
Riyadh 12731, Saoudi Arabia

Horaires: Café d'accueil : 8h00 
 1er Jour: 8h30 -18h00 
Formation PRF 
 2eme Jour: 8h30 -17h00 
Formation prélèvements sanguins

La formation se tiendra en Anglais

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1/ The latest updates: A-PRF, S-PRF, i-PRF+, Sticky Bone with variable density. 
2/ Peri-implantitis and marginal bone loss: The literature and research has failed in explanation of peri-implantitis and bone loss in native and grafted bone, although these mechanisms are explained perfectly in manuals of Human Anatomy & Physiology. But the solution is finally here!

DAY 1: PRF™ Course topics : 
• Relevance of protocols with the concept of low speed centrifugation (LSCC): 
   A-PRF, i-PRF+, Sticky Bone, interest of preoperative injection of liquid PRF 
• Indications and instructions for use 
• Biological factors for long-term success: Tension, Pressure, Vitamin D, Cholesterol. 
• Peri-implantitis and bone loss: Physiological approach. Prevention and solutions 
• Presentation of clinical cases and protocols according to indications. 
• Live demonstration + Hands on, demo

DAY 2: Phlebotomy Course :
In order to maximize the potential of the A-PRF and i-PRF, you need to be competent and able to draw blood from your patient.There will be a phlebotomy course, including a hands-on session. Hands on mannequins and “live on humans”. New PRF protocols presentation 
+ Hands on, demo

I acknowledge that I have read the general terms and conditions of sale on the SYFAC website and in particular that any cancellation within one month of the training cannot give rise to a refund of the amount paid

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